It’s snowing… ugh, I hate the cold. My body hurts, my jaw hurts from clenching my teeth, my head hurts from listening to myself bitch about how much I hate the cold. Yet, here I am standing and smiling at the window, watching the snow fall. I’m mesmerized by the way the flakes shift and shape with the wind.  The patterns of the gusts are indescribable and are gone in literally the blink of an eye. I realize that in this moment, I am being ‘mindful’. I wasn’t even “trying” to be! I feel like I should celebrate! I throw on my smelly Ugg boots (yes, every girl has them) and burst out onto the patio wearing nothing besides yoga pants and an oversized jersey tee. My whole body freezes up… even my mind. My last thought is “WTF am I doing?!  I AM NOT AN OREGONIAN!”  The freezing temperature of the air literally takes my breath away. It takes a moment to adjust. However, instead of hunkering down in the cold as I would usually do, slowly I open my arms wide and start to take deep breaths. They are the deepest, cleanest breaths I’ve had in days. It’s dry, cold air.  It reminds me of home sweet home New Mexico and start to warm from the inside.  I feel like a child the way my body is tingling and rushing with sheer joy. It sounds cheesy I think to myself, but WTH, here I go… I turn my palms and face up to the sky and start to turn in circles.  I spin around and around in circles, until I get dizzy. I have to admit, it took my body a moment to realize that these are actually the good kind of spins…  No need to crawl to the bathroom or sleep with a trash can by the bed.  Whew…  ok, yes, this is actually fun!  You know, I think if I would have had more clothes on, I probably would have laid down on the concrete and made snow angels! Everything in me is humming with exhilaration at the way my emotions and Mother Nature are coming together for a full body experience. When I finally stop and catch my breath, I’m laughing out loud, wondering what the neighbors must be thinking if they can see me. Oh well, I hope if they do see me in this moment, that instead of crazy (or drunk), they see joy, peace, happiness and healing.

2 thoughts on “The Cure for Cabin Fever

  1. You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.

    Benjamin Mee

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